Metallurgical Accounting Engineer

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


For our client operating in mining industry; we are currently looking for a Met Accounting Engineer who ideally is / has:

- Min B.S. degree from Mineral Processing, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering or relevant disciplines
- At least 7 years of relevant operation or research experience.
- Strong scientific background on mass balancing. Strong math skills
- Able to reside in Erzincan

Job Description:

• Deliver daily, weekly, monthly metallurgical accounting reports through mass balancing software
• Collect and verify data for met accounting
• Monitor and audit samplers and sample collection process to ensure that it meets company standards and properly serves to purpose
• Configure or update mass balance model when needed
• Analyze and verify the output of the mass balance model
• Reconcile production figures through mass balance, track the variance to ensure it is in acceptable range.
• Monitor and audit the measurement equipment to ensure they are working as designed.
• Generate daily, weekly and monthly reports
• Participate process production planning and budgeting process
• Provide reports for processing KPIs as required by processing management

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