Machinery Safety Consultancy

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are seeking for a ‘Machinery Safety Consultancy’ for our multinational client operating in automation solutions.


Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics or Mechatronics Engineering,
Prior field experience in Machine and Line Automation,
Willingness to receive necessary training and perform Machinery Safety Consultancy services, to create technical inspection reports in both English and Turkish, to be trained and develop in Machinery Safety Consultancy,
Experience in project management, resource management, cost analysis and reporting,
Excellent command of English or German both written and verbal
No obstacle for domestic and international travel, working abroad for short or long period of time
Able to live in Istanbul,
Military service must be completed for male candidates

Job Description

To create technical inspection reports about Risk Assessment, Safety Concept, Safety Validation for customers, participating in on-site works for this purpose, performing presentations to customers when needed, delivering training, improving personal consultancy knowledge and experience by participating in domestic and international projects.
To follow the latest technologies, international directives and standards in global scope by working in close relation with the Engineering and Consultancy centers in Germany and Ireland. Maintaining continuos improvement in professional skills and talents.

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