Help Desk Uzmanı

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


-Completion of Electricity/Electronics departments of Vocational High Schools and Industrial Vocational High Schools
-Knowledge of computer and network systems
-Minimum 2 years of professional job experience
-Knowledge of IT knowledge (PC Hardware, IP Network, Windows Operating Systems, Server)
-Being solution-oriented and having analytical thinking skills
-Experience on switches, printers, photocopy machines and document scanners.

-Solve computer hardware and software problems.
-Notify the Network Responsible of the problems in Production and Office Networks.
-Solve printing problems.
-Ensure that field installations, configurations, analysis, troubleshooting and are performed and technical support is provided.
-Assume other tasks as required.
-Report technical problems as required.
-Provide finger printing trainings to project personnel in various provinces (He/she will be also provided training on finger printing).
-Seek solutions to problems regarding GöçNet by ensuring coordination with project personnel responsible for GöçNet assigned to Provincial Directorates of Migration Management.

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