Application Security Specialist

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are looking for an experienced ''Application Security Specialist ''with the following qualifications for our multinational client who is operating in the banking

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or equivalent field of study,
3+ years of Software engineering background in related technologies and experience with a variety of security testing methodologies, including source code analysis
2+ years of experience operating security technologies such as endpoint protection,vulnerability scanners,penetration testing, and intrusion detection/prevention,
Knowledge of encryption standards and protocols as well as previous experience with authentication methodologies and protocols
Having strong analytical skills
Being a teamplayer with excellent communication and problem solving skills

Perform regular vulnerability assessments and application pen tests including identifying, assessing, and driving remediation of application vulnerabilities
Conduct code reviews and security testing for new projects and initiatives
Analyze security issues, determine its cause and impact to the business and identify the corrective action needed to eliminate and prevent the event for the future

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