CRM Campaign and Contact Strategies Senior Manager

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


- Leading a team to effectively manage customer interactions in order to meet customer needs through targeted marketing activities,
- Serving all customer segments (retail, sme and corporate),
- Design and manage customer contact strategy in a multi channel environment,
- Design, implementation and management of multi channel CRM infrastructure with batch, complex event processing and real time analytics capabilities,
- Design, execute and automate need based interaction strategies including onboarding, deepening relationship, retention stage programs with event based triggers and next best actions,
- Work in close collaboration with sales, marketing and analytics teams to provide campaign ideas and recommendations based on customer behavior and needs,
- Plan and execute monthly, weekly, daily campaign management operations,
- Design and execution of real time and batch campaings with campaign management tools and optimization of marketing leads,
- Develop strategies for channel engagement,
Campaign related monitoring and reporting. Defining and measuring KPI’s and using results to increase success rates

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