Assessing and Recruiting


Capture the benefits of working long term with right talents

For your full time positions in every levels, Manpower’s expertise in selecting, assessing and recruiting, you can save time and cut your expenses via working with the right work force talent for a long term.

In choosing and recruiting processes, Manpower is the global leader in outcome-based, talent-driven solutions for professional to entry-level positions.

During your selecting, assessment and recruiting processes, Manpower works with you in order for you to use your time more effectively and reach the most appropriate work force you wanted. The most important priority for Manpower is making sure your talent retention rate is high and sustainable. The employees you hire through Manpower go through a long process before it is presented to you to meet the best technical and cultural requirements of the company.

We assign a special team for you - Each company is unique hence we make it our business to get to know you. Based on your requirements, a special recruitment expert or team will pay a visit to your company. They will receive information about your needs and objectives and work with you to find best possible talents for you.

We assess all candidates – In recruitment process, it is important to not only pay attention to technical requirements but also find cultural fit for the workforce. For this reason, we assess all the candidates and try to find to what extent the candidates are suitable for your company as well as the position.

Manpower’s choosing and recruiting process is carried out with utmost care. The process includes interviews, tests and comprehensive background reference checks. By so doing, we guarantee that resumes that are brought to you represent the most privileged of and the most suitable candidates.

We have the best talent database – Manpower 's enormous database is updated regularly and only includes the professionals that are best in their own fields.

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