Payroll Services


Our Payroll Solutions Branch is delivering the highest service quality standards

This service includes temporary or permanent outsourcing of candidates that are actually sourced by the client but cannot be placed under its own head count. It is Manpower Turkey’s responsibility to run all employment liabilities with 100% compliance to local labor laws and regulations with accuracy and consistency as the legal employer.

As being formed as a private profit centre where its core and only business is payroll services, Our Payroll Solutions Branch is delivering the highest service quality standards and most competitive pricing through its dedicated and highly experienced team of Payroll Consultants.



Why do you need payroll services?

  • •  Avoiding the loss of workforce needed until receiving head count confirmation
  • •  Avoiding the extensive operational work load and personnel department costs caused by unique nature of specific fields with high volume of head counts and turnovers. (e.g. Field Sales)
  • •  Penetration and examination of Turkish market whilst the physical and legal establishment is either in process or targeted in future plans.
  • •  Benefiting the advantages of flexible work forces especially in the supporting functions during the changing economical climates like crisis or decreasing company growths.
  • •  Allocating funds for core business by converting fix costs to variable

Why do you need to work with Manpower Payroll Solutions?

  • •  Global know-how through services in 80 countries, 4500 branches and over 60 years of experience
  • •  Financial strength and assurance
  • •  A world leader in innovative workforce solutions
  • •  An exclusive branch dedicated and specialized in payroll services
  • •  Experienced, client-oriented team with high level of service quality
  • •  Timely consultancy for changes in local labor aw and legislations.
  • •  100% compliancy to applicable laws and legislations
  • •  Competitive pricing

Payroll Services

Manpower Turkey Payroll Services
Phone: +90 212 213 67 77 (pbx)

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