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The impact of technology on organizations of every size and sector is accelerating, and by 2020, 30 percent of industry revenues will come from new business models*.  With this pace of disruption, leaders must be ready to lead rapid digital transformation to capture opportunity and compete.

The DigiQuotient was developed as a short B2C assessment to provide an indication of a Leader's Readiness to lead a digital workforce transformation.

Upon completing the assessment, the user receives an indication of their Digital Profile. Based on a survey of global business leaders, users are given a "Digital Twin" that embodies their persona and serves as a memory aid. The DigiQuotient provides users guidance on how to leverage their strengths, and what possible derailing behaviors to recognize and mitigate.

New technology and innovation is changing the Future of Work – your DigiQuotient reflects your desire and ability to grow and lead within this ever changing digital landscape.

Find your DGQ! https://digiquotient.io

* Disruptive Trends That Will Transform the Auto Industry, McKinsey & Company (2016)

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