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brand_m_ma_00425774What are our Trade Marketing Solutions?

To improve effectiveness, recognition, visibility and sales of our business partners we set up teams, do reporting and manage them.

  • •  We serve you with our experienced and carefully selected (one to one interviews and group assessment centre) field team,
  • •  We provide necessary trainings required by our team,
  • •  Via performance evaluation system and confidential customer application, we evaluate the performance of our team and determine the needed areas to be improved,
  • •  We make sure the marketing and sales activities are effectively applied on the field,
  • •  We offer work improvement advices based on market and field requirements,
  • •  We report competitor’s activities,
  • •  We motivate our team with various applications and activities,
  • •  We solve problems in daily life,
  • •  We organize regular meetings with our team,
  • •  We investigate dress codes, phones, vehicles or commercial marketing tools and if requested we supply through vendor security.

Manpower Trade Marketing Business Solutions Branch; consists of a team of professional counsellors and administrators that closely follow the sector, possess proactive approach and offer innovative workforce solutions to meet possible requirements by the clients.

Why Trade Marketing Business Solutions?

  • •  Fast and effective field teams offer time and cost savings,
  • •  To avoid extreme operational work loads formed as a result of crowded and high circulation of employees that increase department costs
  • •  Being prepared for emergency and unexpected situations such as economic crisis, growth and recession times (via flexible workforce solutions)
  • •  Creating funds by transferring fixed costs to variable costs.

Why Manpower Trade Marketing Business Solutions?

  • •  3,900 branches in 80 countries, 63 years of experience and global know-how,
  • •  Financial power and financial assurance for the real employers,
  • •  A global giant whose main field of activity is workforce recruitment,
  • •  Working 100 % in line with compliance laws,
  • •  A branch that is dedicated to and specialized in Trade Marketing Solutions,
  • •  Always offering talented and well-selected outsource teams
  • •  A professional team that is proactive, research based, offers fast solutions and has sectorial experience
  • •  Free of charge legal consultancy.

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Trade Marketing Solutions Branch
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