Export Expert (6 months)

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are looking for a "Export Expert" for our global customers operating in the technology sector to be appointed with the following qualifications.

Advanced knowledge in import and export, foreign trade,
Customs processes and relative legislation, on customs management min. 3 years of experience
Basic knowledge in accounting,
Very good command of English,
Good interpersonal skills, dynamic team player, structural thinking,
Knowledge in usage of ERP (SAP-MM) and Web-based purchasing e-tools (e.g. Tulip etc) and MS office applications.

Completing the import & export & transit transactions efficently on time and in full harmony with organizational policy & guidelines and with all relevant laws and rules, doing the necessary followings and giving the feedbacks to order management and related units,
Preparing and forwarding the custom instructions to the Customs Agency companies,
Preparing and forwarding the consignment instructions to the forwarder companies, handling and following up the organization for export and transit transactions through coordination with order management, logistics department, customs agency companies, and forwarders. Sending the export documents to receiver companies if requested,
Carrying out the necessary preparation for customs audits,
Following up the import, export and customs legislations closely and informing the related order management and business units for the changes in due time,
Creating the payment requests via SAP, getting payment documents sent to the banks and tracking the related payments with banks and customs,
Checking and confirming the debit advices regarding the customs costs and sending them to A&C to be recorded,
Applying and tracking the necessary permission licences for the import orders, applying for closure of the licences for the obtained permissions by preparing necessary closure documents.

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