Administrative Affairs & Compliance

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


University Degree
Advanced level of English
Min. 10+ years of experience in related area
Ability to handle multiple assignments on a timely basis, with a high degree of accuracy and confidentiality
Strong interpersonal skills
Flexible, co-operative and team worker


To build a network, establishing relationships of trust between ManpowerGroup and the authorities and regulators (Working Conditions Authority, Lawyers, Solicitors, among others) in order to know the most effective and efficient communication channels, streamline processes, thus ensuring the legal security of ManpowerGroup
Establish relationships of confidence between ManpowerGroup and the authorities and regulatory bodies (Labor Conditions Authority, Lawyers, Solicitors, among others), sending documentation, answering requests or clarifying doubts, ensuring legal certainty of the company and the correct information
Managing the official process of the Private Employment Office for İŞKUR and to follow up the official process with the municipalities for office working license and with others entities
Ensure the procurement process and provide guidance and assist in the identification of compliance risks, implement and maintain organizational vendor privacy compliance processes and procedures in coordination with information security and internal audit
Manage all the license process
Provide transactional support, ensuring also the entire process as the Company Data Officer in accordance with the Personal Information Privacy Law (KVKK)
Being local DPO in accordance with the Global Data Privacy Regulations, assisting also with procedures for vetting and auditing vendors for compliance with the privacy and data security policies and legal requirements and assist in the design and implementation of compliance programs and initiatives
Comply with the necessary procedures for the proper functioning of the Quality Management System
To ensure the identification of employees` obligations with access to data, in particular the ManpowerGroup specific principles of ethics and confidentiality and compliance with the GDPR, as well as the principles and / or procedures contracted with customers