Technical Engineer

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are looking for a ‘Technic Engineer’ for our client who is performing in the automotive sector.

Job Description :

Bachelor degree Faculty of engineering,
Min 2-3 years experience on a multinational company,
MS Office program information,
Proficiency in English and an intermediate or higher level of German,
High organizational flexibility and working in motivation, communication skills, good negotiation skills, presentable, teamwork, intercultural and social sensitivity.
Qualifications :

Technical supporting to regional marketing strategies/marketing in Coordination with the responsible Staff of Sales and Staff of IAM
Market analysis/sales opportunities from a technical perspective, taking into account the identify targets and develop (Analysis of customer products and processes regarding optimization and opportunities for the company solutions).
Implementation / ensuring quality assurance measures in the RFQ process (For example, contract review, technical drawing review)
Designing and planning training programs for customers, partners, and company employees.
Planning/implementation of meetings to ensure the technical competence of the sales force in the region,
Creation of specifications and guidelines for the processing of technical inquiries and deals.