Metroloji Mühendisi

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are looking for a "Gas Metering Systems Engineer ( Calibration & Maintenance )" for our business partner operating in various fields.

Job description:

Develops inspection and maintenance strategies and new inspection techniques to meet the end-user’s needs.
Provides technical support for maintenance planning, installation, validation and modification of inspection assets.
Facilitates, encourage and coordinate continuous maintenance improvement with respect to inspection activities.
Prepare detailed inspection and maintenance documentation such as written descriptions of inspection results including deviations from vendors OIMs.
Serves as technical expert for metrology inspection.
Evaluate calibration frequencies, gauge life, fit for purpose on inspection equipment.
Generates the inspection/maintenance reporting per customer’s requirements.
Performs highly complex calibration and measurement services, recommends changes in calibration procedures to improve services, solves special measurement problems, and utilizes expertise to provide guidance and technical consultation to other
Performs measurement uncertainty analysis (understanding complex mathematical relationships in multivariate systems and be able to deduce relationships of variable uncertainties and their contribution to the system uncertainty)
Working closely with metrology equipment vendors on continuous improvement of software/hardware and development of new measurement techniques
Develop and execute new recipes and measurement techniques as requested by customers and product development programs
Reviews and approves calibration activities and worksheets
Performs maintenance planning and manages resources, including multiple individuals and disciplines, to achieve quality, delivery, and cost objectives
Run the various metrology tools and SW packages, data analysis and generate reports for the customer.
Monitor performance of assigned equipment fleet on a daily basis
Supervise Gas Metering Systems (GMS) subcontractors and Metrology Lab Technicians
Develop an in-depth technical understanding of new and existing metrology equipment and processes across the site
Conducts activities in a safe and healthy manner and work in accordance with established HSSE requirements to ensure the protection of associates, the public, and the environment. Takes actions necessary to stop work when an unsafe condition or action is identified
Professional Skills

B.S./M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnical Engineering, Bioengineering, or, M.S. in Physical Chemistry
Demonstrated strong analytical, problem solving and debugging skills
Strong mathematical skills, including an ability to analyse and draw conclusions from complex data sets
Deep knowledge in Calibration Standards and Maintenance of the Gas Metering Systems
Experience in Metrology and Calibration/Certification.
Experience performing statistical analysis
Experience developing measurement procedures
Able to demonstrate excellent problem solving and communication skills while working alone or in large teams
Demonstrated strong interpersonal communication and presentation skills; comfortable speaking across multiple levels of the organization
Excellent communications and report writing skills
Strong written and verbal English language communication skills. .