Senior Back-End Developer

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are seeking an ``Senior Back-End Developer `` for our long-established client in telecommunication sector.

Basic Qualifications

BSc/MSc/PhD degree in Computer Science or a related field or equivalent work experience,
5+ years of professional software engineering experience in designing and building backend systems,
Experience in one or more general purpose object oriented programming languages including Java, C#, Python, Go,
Proficiency with OOP concepts, large-scale software architecture, networking and distributed system and UNIX/Linux environments,
Good understanding of fundamental design principles for a scalable application,
Familiarity with relational and non-relational databases, key-value stores and search engines (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch etc.),
Basic understanding of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3,
Strong unit test and debugging skills,
Proficiency in code versioning tools such as Git,
Strong sense of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills,
Excellent attention to detail,
Highly Effective time management and multitasking skills,
Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Job Responsibilities

Writing well designed, reusable, testable and secure code by applying best software development practices,
Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability and performant applications,
Architecting well defined APIs for user facing elements developed by front end developers,
Collaborating in a multi-disciplinary team,
Participating and conducting code reviews,
Discovering, learning and implementing new technologies,
Mentoring junior team members in best practices.

Manpower, Türkiye İş Kurumu’ndan 18.8.2016 tarihli ve 6 no’lu Özel İstihdam Bürosu izin belgesi ve 3.6.2017 tarihli Geçici İş İlişkisi Yetki Belgesi sahibidir. İş arayanlardan hiçbir ad altında menfaat temin edilmez ve ücret alınmaz.