Account Representative ( 1 year )

Nitelikler/Qualifications, İş Tanımı/Job Description:


We are looking for a “Account Representative ( 12 Months ) ’’ to be employed in the Sales and Operation department one of the e-commerce company.

• Currently pursuing a bachelor`s degree or master degree

• Able to work full time in 12 months,

• Fluency in English and Turkish

• Advanced computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)

• Excellent communications and interpersonal skills

• Great team player to work with others as a team

• Effectively prioritize and lead a pipeline of selling partners to launch,
• Assist in managing prospect customers,
• Manage customer information by using CRM System
• Contribute to the development of scalable solutions for “self-service selling partners”,
• Conduct market/industry research,
• Support team operation.